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Aquarium Manufacturer

With over 40 years of fish keeping behind us, here at Barlows Aquatic Trading in the heart of Lancashire, we use this invaluble experience when manufacturing our aquariums. Be it a simple standard stock size fish tank or a fully automated multi tank fish house, we can supply everything you need.

We believe our service is second to non because we understand about the fish too!

And because we manufacture on site in our own factory and buy our glass in bulk, you the retail customer get the benefit of purchasing your aquarium at trade prices, you can have it built promptly to your own specifications or from our own stock.

Filtration Experts

Over the years, we have built up a vast knowledge on filtration- as the saying goes ''keep water, not fish'' thus your aquarium filtration is incredibly important for the health of your fish. We have tried and tested literally hundreds of ways to filter water over the years and still there is no single way to do it! However we have a strong emphasis on sump filters as they provide the physical size needed and are flexible enough to chop and change media and pumps to suit your fishes needs.

All of the pictures are of our own work and hopefully show what can be done. We can give you all the advice you need and can design your aquarium for you at no charge with our in house design service.

Have a look at our prices and if you can't see what you are after, simply ring us on 01254 388815 - we are hear to help and advise you !

We hope to hear from you soon

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