Aquarium Sand

Barlows Aquatic Trading are  main stockists of B.D. Aquarium Sand and now we are able to post it direct to your door!

First developed on 2001 after traveling to the Peruvian Amazon- it was observed that most rivers had sand as a base but of a grain structure that did not compact. Upon returning to the U.K., extensive tests were undertaken resulting in a commercially available aquarium sand which was identical to nature. 

Over the Years, world leading aquarists have used & endorsed this product - Top of this list being Ian Fuller - Corydoras expert and co-owner of 'Go-Wild Peru'.

Barlows are now delighted to be able to offer this product in 5 Kg & 25 Kg Packs in store.

25kg packs are available for postage.

25KG Sack - Including Postage -£29.99

Just ring the store on 01254 388815 to order yours today. 

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